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EFMR is a unique networking group comprised of the nation’s top environmental facilities managers. EFMR was formed to bring like-minded facility management professionals together for robust dialogue. This group provides opportunities for interactive, cross-company discussion, collaboration, and networking, where we benchmark performance, discuss challenges and emerging issues, and share knowledge and best practices.

Upcoming Calls:

In preparation for the annual in-person EFMR Roundtable in April, the next EFMR call with be held in June 2024.


Past Calls On-Demand:

November 16, 2023 Call:

Facility Challenges & Solutions Upon Return to Work

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Many companies have returned to work – others have opted to stay remote, or partially remote. How has increased occupancy impacted your role and functioning of your facilities? Are you seeing increased indoor air quality complaints or other incidents needing greater response? Conversely, for facilities that are still primarily vacant with intermittent occupancy, what challenges are you seeing related to partial vacancies? Join us for a robust discussion with EFMR members from across several sectors to discuss challenges they have been experiencing in the post-COVID world.

Moderating the call is Kathryn Peacock of Partner ESI.

July 27, 2023 Call:

Open Forum

Join us for an Open Forum lead by EFMR’s board of directors. This call is open to all members and non-members and will be conservational with lots of time for interactive dialogue. We will dive deeper into some of the topics recently presented in calls and the in-person meeting such as back to office, environmental justice, mold and moisture intrusion, life safety, and more! Bring your questions and ideas and get ready for some great conversations amongst the industry’s leading environmental facilities professionals.

Board of Directors:

June 22, 2023 Call:

Environmental Insurance: Basics and Applications for Commercial Real Estate

Did you know environmental insurance can protect corporate balance sheets, facilitate transactions and close the gaps in other lines of insurance? Environmental insurance products can do all this and more while being affordable, flexible and highly customizable. Lockton Companies and Beazley Environmental will share an overview of this unique line of insurance coverage and the many solutions it brings to the table when incorporated into your organizations’ risk management strategy.

Guest Speaker:

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View the presentation slides HERE.

May 25, 2023 Call:

Environmental Justice: The “S” in ESG: Key Principles, Best Practices, and Regulatory Framework 

Although the Environmental Justice movement began in the 1970s, it has received a boost in momentum in recent years, particularly after the Biden Administration took office in 2021.

This discussion will describe the basics tenets of the environmental justice movement, how the EPA and other federal agencies are implementing new rules and regulations in support of overburdened and underserved communities, and how industry can respond if it is determined they operate in an area meeting environmental justice criteria.

Guest Speaker:

  • Gwen Keyes Fleming – DLA Piper

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August 25, 2022 Call:

Operational EHS – Managing moisture intrusion and asbestos

You will hear from industry leaders Galina Chadwick – Bank of America, Steve Colton – Wells Fargo, Kim Polite – Seagate Properties, Tia Wenrich – Macy’s, Jeff Goeden – Allstate

June 9, 2022 Call:

Environmental Pitfalls During Facilities Development

Facilities professionals must be ready to manage the inherent environmental pitfalls that come with managing facilities. During the June EFMR call, our speakers will provide their insights and expertise into proactively mitigating these risks and sharing their own experiences. Join us for a discussion on common environmental challenges encountered during development, including emerging contaminants, remediation strategies, and regulatory challenges.

Speakers include:

  • Larry Falbe, Miller Canfield
  • Galina Chadwick, Bank of America
  • Steve Colton, Wells Fargo
  • David Lutz, Partner Engineering and Science, Inc.
  • Geraldine Tan, JP Morgan Chase

Thursday, June 9th, 11 AM PT/2 PM ET

April 13, 2022 Call: 

How do ESG policies impact facilities managers?

This call will be a dynamic discussion with guest speakers Galina Chadwick P.E., SVP, Environmental Manager Global Real Estate Services, Bank of America; Jeff Goeden, R.G., Corporate Environmental Manager, Allstate Insurance Company; John Epperson, Buchalter; Vanessa Flores Andersen, SFP, LEED Green Associate, Sustainability & Property Operations Manager, Ace Hardware Corporation; Dianne Phillips, Partner, Holland, and Knight LLP; and Tony Liou, President, Partner Energy.

  • Investors and stakeholders and the SEC want ESG reporting, how do FMs support this process and what can they expect to be asked?
  • Sustainability projects requiring capital improvement projects affect equipment upgrades and need to quantify savings
  • Decarbonization improvements require data tracking and will affect day-to-day operations
  • Legal Updates on local, state, and federal regulations

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March 23, 2020 Call:

As concern spreads regarding COVID-19, facility owners and operators across many industries can share guidance as to how to handle this unprecedented situation.

The EFMR group participated in a discussion and presentation from some of our members.

During this webinar we discussed:

  • What questions EFMR is getting from the industry
  • What are companies doing in response to COVID-19?
  • What innovations or specialty techniques are you using for facility management/cleaning?
  • What are the gaps or challenges in your process? And how are you addressing them?

Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH) from both Partner Engineering and Science, Inc. and Wood PLC will be on the call to share ideas, and best practices, and to help field questions.

*For our healthcare members, we will not focus in detail on your specific facilities, as we realize that they require an advanced discussion of unique circumstances.

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October 8, 2019 Call:

The third Environmental Facilities Management Roundtable (EFMR) group discussion took place on Tuesday, October 8th.

This roundtable discussion titled What You Need to Know About Refrigerant Management – A Discussion of the Federal regulation 40 CFR Part 82, Subpart F, was the third call in a series of calls meant to be the first of many surrounding the unique environmental challenges that facilities management professionals face.

  • We kicked the call off with a Members Forum, an opportunity for you to share issues that you are facing emergently. This was your opportunity to share your experiences and glean insights from professional peers.

Following the Members Forum, we heard from environmental compliance professionals about how Federal refrigerant regulations impact your business operations and why firms are considering going beyond compliance as part of their sustainability plans.  The call was led by Galina Chadwick who led the discussion with the input from the many facilities management professionals on the call.

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May 29, 2019 Call:

This roundtable discussion, titled Organizational Structure: The Pros and Cons of In-house Versus Outsourced Organizational Management, is the second call in a series of calls meant to be the first of many surrounding the unique environmental challenges that facilities management professionals face.


Joe Sturza, JP Morgan Chase

Carl Westerdahl, JP Morgan Chase

Steven Colton, Wells Fargo

Brian Lawhead, Key Bank

February 6, 2019 Call: 

We hosted the first Environmental Facilities Management Roundtable (EFMR) group discussion on Wednesday, February 6th.

The first call covered Federal Emergency Preparedness and Community Right to Know Act (EPCRA) and its applicability to commercial facilities. We shared information on how our member companies comply with Act’s requirements, including identifying listed chemicals, creating inventories and quantities, and reporting. Galina, Joe and Shannon led the discussion with the input from the many facilities management professionals on the call.

Galina Chadwick, Bank of America
Joe Sturza, JP Morgan Chase
Shannon Rose, Save A Lot