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Welcome to the Environmental Facilities Management Roundtable (EFMR)! This roundtable is specifically for Environmental Professionals who have responsibility for all or any of the following activities within their company’s owned/leased real estate portfolio:

  • Environmental risk management (IAQ, Environmental Due Diligence)
  • Incident and disaster response
  • Environmental compliance (Permitting, Asbestos Management)
  • Sustainability (ex. waste reduction, energy use, and water use)

Environmental Professionals responsible for facilities operations are frequently unique in their companies with few, if any, peers who understand the issues and challenges of environmental operations management. This is especially true for non-industrial companies with larger real estate footprints in which Environmental function may not be its own department, but embedded in other groups such as real estate, human resources, or risk management.  The purpose of this inaugural forum is to create interactive cross-company dialog, collaboration, and networking; to benchmark performance, and discuss innovation, challenges and emerging issues; and to share knowledge and best practices.

We have found that there are no current trade groups specifically for non-industrial Environmental Professionals who operate large real estate footprints. We believe there is a gap in knowledge sharing, education, and innovation among facilities environmental management professionals. We want to close this gap!

In order to do so, we need your help. Please complete this short survey to help us gauge interest and participation in this forum, and to help us plan for future meetings and events.

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